#partner or #employee

Are you a #partner or #employee person?

Meaning, if a colleague refers you to another person for work and then that other person decides to try and hire you or make you exclusive to them would you maintain communication and/or still work with the colleague that initially referred you?

Moreover, if your new employer specially requests you to not take outside work which means you can no longer do work for the initial referrer, what would you do?

If you take the position and agree, you’re an #employee.

Any other variation where you maintain a connection with the referrer, you’re a #partner

A successful company needs both #partners and #employees

Which are you?

Why 90% of startups fail

Why 90% of startups fail

Guerrilla Marketing to 10 Million Downloads

Here’s a good article on how to market your non-main-stream app.. cool video too, see below.

I gradually came to an understanding that when competing with hundreds of thousands of other apps for attention, marketing is not just another ingredient in an app’s success. It’s the main one. We were a small team with a very limited marketing budget, so we declared war the only way we knew how – as engineers and UX designers. The following months we left what we knew about traditional marketing behind and started exploring new and creative ways to reach new users, and like the engineers we were – measuring each step along the way, down to the last click. These days the product is celebrating 10M downloads worldwide with customers from dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

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Deceptive Politics

The reason this chart is deceptive is because the income of Romney is different than the income of the simple millionaire. A tax rate of 30% would imply that the millionaire earned normal income. We already know that the majority of Romney’s income comes from capital gains. Capital gains are taxed differently than normal income, and always have been.

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Obama by the numbers

Obama by the numbers

Complete.com Presidential Online Infographic

Complete.com Presidential Online Infographic

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